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Nigeria’s passport holders are barred from entering Seychelles

Seychelles has allegedly imposed a ban on Nigerian passport holders, applying for short-term visa or holiday purposes.

A travel content creator, raised the alarm on Saturday evening after receiving a rejection email.

A screenshot of the, which was shared on Twitter partly reads, “We regret to inform you that your application has been denied, as per immigration regulation, for now we are not accepting any NIGERIAN passport holder for holiday purposes. Kindly contact http://www.ics.gov.sc/ (Seychelles Immigration) or call 248 4 293 636 for more information.”

The user stated, “It seems Seychelles just placed a ban on Nigerian passport holders. The thing with having a Nigerian passport is you can be postponing travel plans until you become Bill Gates and immigration policies will be like Dey play.”

The ban comes six months after Nigeria signed a pact for direct flights with the countries.

Prior to the ban, Nigeria had a long-standing visa-free agreement with Seychelles which allows Nigerian citizens free entry without a visa for 30 days.


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