Why DJ Cuppy’s fiance, Ryan dumped her weeks after their engagement – Insider shares

An insider has shared the actual reason DJ Cuppy’s fiance, Ryan, allegedly dumped the billionaire’s daughter weeks after their engagement.

In a post shared via his Twitter account, he alleged that the white boy ended his relationship with Cuppy over lack of sex from the billionaire’s daughter.

Social media users have shared their thoughts about the revelation with many sympathizing with Cuppy over the ‘breakfast’ she got served.

Tunmise01 said: “So lack of sex reach to breakup when she’s not even your wife yet ? Issokay.”

Big T reacted: “You and I know sex before marriage is outrightly wrong shey? But then, they are doing that already no big deal. So now she saying she wants that to stop till they are married shouldn’t be a big deal too now, abi 🤷‍♀️.”

Michael Kitan commented: “Lol wait Tbaby, if you are the guy. Would you agree? Something u guys are already doing plus u guys are already in the engaged level. There is a scope behind it.”

Pay3ot said: “And the man has left because he cannot cope..why are you angry? You say you no want the man say him no fit you wan vex, so only you can want things?”


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