Thierry Henry is remorseful for what happened to Steven Gerrard

Arsenal legend, Thierry Henry, has said he regrets the fact that former England intentional Steven Gerrard never won the Premier League title with Liverpool.

Henry also said Gerrard was incredibly impactful during his time with Liverpool.

Gerrard came close to winning the Premier League title twice, but Liverpool ended up as runners-up on both occasions.

The former midfield maestro did win the UEFA Champions League in 2005 and two FA Cups during his time at Anfield.

Speaking with PFA, Henry claimed that it pains him and finds it “weird” that Gerrard never won the Premier League title with the Reds.

The Frenchman said, “This guy [Gerrard], it pains me to look at him knowing that he didn’t win the [Premier] League. I’m not saying that to be sarcastic, understand me well. ‘Stevie G did not win the league’, when I say it, it sounds weird.”

Henry, meanwhile, won the Premier League title twice with Arsenal during his professional football career.


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