Blessing CEO Advises Street Girls to Take Over Mistreated Men

Controversial social media personality, Blessing Nkiruka Okoro aka Blessing CEO has ordered street girls to embark on a ‘snatching movement’.

She charged them to hijack men from women and wives that have refused to respect and honour their men and husbands.

She claimed a lot of men in relationships and marriages are unhappy and seeking next available exit while they wait for their saviours (other women) to emancipate them.

The self-proclaimed ‘intellectual entertainer’ claimed good men were a scarce commodity, particularly those that paid their women’s bills.

She wrote: “Snatch another woman’s man if she does not know how to take care of her man and respect him. Overtaking is allowed. I said what I said”, she said.

“There are some men that are in relationships and marriages that are waiting for you, beautiful girls to come and save them.

“They are suffering in the relationship. They’re suffering in the marriage, yes.

“So if you see anyone that you can snatch, snatch because they’re lots of married women that are not treating their husbands right, yeah.

“So, whoever feels that because they have married them, dem don enter the house, dem go just dey anyhow. They don’t know that good men are scarce. Especially men that pay bills.

So, when you see a woman that is not treating her ODOGWU right, snatch him. Pamper him like a man. You know men are like babies.

You see that thing that Delilah did in the Bible, a whole Sampson. Delilah carried him in between her laps and barbed his hair, yes…”

Reiterating her stance on many husbands suffering in marriages, Okoro fired up street girls to initiate a rescue mission to redeem such men from their ‘miserable’ union


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