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“We Should Be Careful” – Ronke Oshodi Warns Nigerians About New Method Of Highway Robbery

Nollywood actress, Ronke Oshodi Oke has taken to social media to warn Nigerians about a concerning new method of robbery being employed on the highways

In a video shared on her Instagram page, a young man narrated a harrowing incident where he narrowly escaped falling victim to the highway robbery.

According to him, he experienced an unexpected attack when an individual threw eggs onto his car’s windshield while driving.

Fortunately, he had come across information online about the latest tactics used by robbers.

The man went on to explain that once the eggs hit the windshield, using the wipers to clean it would cause the screen to blur significantly, obstructing the driver’s vision and making it challenging to continue driving safely.

He warned that criminals operating in this manner strategically position themselves nearby, ready to exploit the driver’s predicament and launch an attack.

Sharing the video, Ronke Oshodi urged everyone to exercise caution and vigilance while on the highways.

She implored them to be mindful of any unusual occurrences or suspicious acts during their travels.

“We should all be careful at this point, please.Goodnight guys,” she wrote.


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