I’m tired of pretending and crying” – Toyin Lawani’s marriage trembles as husband opens up on struggle

Toyin Lawani’s husband, Segun Wealth breaks down emotionally as he opens up on the pain he is going through in his marriage despite faking to be happy.

The celebrity photographer who got married to the single mother barely two years ago took to his Instagram story to pen his pain.

According to Segun Wealth, the perfect marriage he portrayed to the public is a script which he is tired of playing.

In a lengthy note, he emphasized how age is not on his side anymore and how his marriage to Toyin Lawani cost him too many tears.

In his words;

“Love is pain I mean love is a scam Its just so sad how I always try to be big and hide behind my skin every single time for love sake.

How much I hear the sound of my blood rushing and how I try to calm my emotions. Giving my best for love to work. How I put up that smile in public for a perfect relationship but how long do I really want to do this for?

Man is not getting any younger for such. Perfect picture, perfect video all in the eyes of the public and fans but the heart is in ruins. Please don’t call me to order I’m broken.”

While sharing a snapshot on his page, Toyin Lawani’s husband insisted on being saturated with the hurt his going through.
He added, 
“Can’t keep fighting this longer I just need to drop everything and find another type of peace. Focus on my self more .
“There’s nothing in pleasing anyone for love sake, cover face say it’s @deeeunknown I’m tired. I be doing too much to keep this relationship.
“Water should just take me away. Water should just wash me for a new start. I’ve been scared to start over but this pain is too much water has dried up my glands 😢😢😢😢😢 Im sorry I’m tired can’t keep pretending I’m okay.”


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