2 weeks to complete housemanship, doctor dies as the elevator she was in fell from 10th floor to the ground

tragic incident was shared by a Nigerian lady involving a doctor who passed away just two weeks before completing her housemanship in a hospital in Lagos.

The sad story suggested that the doctor’s death was a result of alleged poor management and negligence in the hospital, where the elevator she was in fell from the 10th floor to the ground.

Sharing the story, she wrote 

“A doctor who had just 2 weeks to complete her housemanship just died in general hospital(Odan, Lagos island) due to poor management and negligence!!!”

“The elevator she was in, fell from 10th floor to the ground! Video was so painful to watch.”

The lady’s post included screenshot evidence to support her claims.

Later, she retweeted a post showing the aftermath of the incident where the unnamed doctor had unfortunately lost her life.

Concerned individuals who read her post and watched the video took to the comment page to air their views.

See some reactions below:

@tesh_ola: “Somebody or some people should be going to jail for things like thing. There’s to much disregard for human life in this country. People will continue to cut corners as long as they know that there’s no consequence for bad behaviour in Nigeria. May God rest her soul.”

@afamsson: “This reminds of the elevator in NOUN former head office VI Lagos, maintenance culture was absent and it looks so scary, I had to use the staircase each time I visited my project supervisor. We lack a maintenance culture as a people, Government institutions are the worst. RIP”

@Real_jaeflex: “This is very sad. For the young woman who lost her life and the family who lost their daughter. I hope they get justice and everyone responsible for this brought to book.”

@_Earnhardt: “There’s a video a white guy was saying Nigeria lacks maintenance culture and this a typical example, I really hope the family will sue and collect every last penny. RIP”

@JojoDnc: “Let’s remove government from this.. what was the hospital management doing???, in my sch we had elevator and the day it happened to be faulty they wrote on the door out of bound and even put security at the door until they was revenue to repair it!! Negligence is your problem


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