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Oil-producing Areas Present Major Demand To Tinubu

Stakeholders in the Niger Delta region have urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to appoint a minister from an oil-producing area to the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs.

The stakeholders, who spoke to reporters on Sunday, said that it is important for the minister to be from an oil-producing area in order to understand the plight of the people and to help address the region’s many challenges.

They also expressed concern that some powerful persons around the presidency are trying to persuade Tinubu to appoint someone from a non-oil-producing area to the ministry.

According to Chief Oyosongo Frank, chairman of the Movement for the Protection of Oil Producing Communities in Niger Delta, the Niger Delta Affairs ministry is more about political expediency and requires none other person than someone from an oil producing area in the Niger Delta region.

The stakeholders said that they are confident that Tinubu will make the right decision and appoint a minister who will represent the interests of the people of the Niger Delta.


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