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Toyin Lawani’s husband, Segun Wealth adds ‘release private videos’ on his to-do-list ahead of birthday

Segun Wealth, husband to celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani has promised to release his private videos to mark his birthday.The celebrity photographer created a ‘to-do-list’ of things he intends to accomplish in anticipation of his birthday coming up on 11th November.

Segun list reads: 

“Release my sex tape by mistake (performance must be great).

“Come online to cry and accuse someone for it (crying must be emotional and non-stop).

“Come online to talk about how it happened.

“Come online to advise people.

“Mistakenly release my nudes ( clean shave with oiled skin).

“Come back online to cry that people are wicked and non-repentant.

“Release another sex tape with good performance. By this time should have become a celebrity and move on with and move on with a fake lifestyle till make it (good job).”

Reacting to his list, Toyin Lawani wrote: “Finally I accept you are madt. You didn’t put that you will drag me. You are not ready to trend your birthday but pls don’t forget to always attach it to your music and photography as always.”


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