Portable smack down Charles Okocha in celebrity boxing match

The match held on Wednesday December 27, 2023 at Landmark Beach in Lagos state with fans cheering in the crowd. Portable represented the blue corner and was dressed in a blue boxing gear, while Okocha was dressed in red gear.

In the videos circulating on social media, Okocha was seen trying to dodge Portable’s jabs and punches to no avail as Portable continued to swing, landing hit after hit on him. However, Okocha was able to throw Portable off, landing him on his back. But Portable quickly recovered and continued his barrage of Punches. The referee was seen separating the two on intervals to ensure a fair game.

This boxing match was arranged as a way to settle the score between the two men who had been going back and forth on social media. During the time, the singer had accused the actor of cheating him out of a ₦40 million deal for performing at an event. Okocha, on the other hand, attested that no agreements were signed to the fact, adding that Portable’s performance was not up to expectations. He then paid the singer ₦5 million. However, Portable was not pleased, and eventually they decided that a boxing match was the best way to settle.


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