Acute hardship causing rising insecurity – Iyabo Ojo

Famous Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo has blamed acute hardship as the major cause of the rising insecurity across Nigeria.

The actress asserted that hardship, acute depression, insomnia, and drug intake are the vices causing insecurity, irrational behaviour, and poor mental health in society.

Iyabo in a post on her Instagram page on Friday, noted that her direct messages, DM, is a testimonial to these facts, hence, her decision to stop reading her DM to protect her sanity.

She, however, prayed God to grant the government the wisdom to urgently do the right thing before it is too late.

“Hardship, causing acute depression, insomnia, an increase in drug intake, which is amounting to the huge volume of insecurity, irrational behaviour, and mental health in our society

“My DM is a testimonial to these facts. Henceforth, I have to stop reading my DM’s to protect my sanity. May God grant our government the wisdom to do right by their people before it is too late”.


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