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Great Adamz and Maddox Jones Collaborate: “Chasing Moments”

A Chance Meeting and Musical Chemistry
In an unexpected twist of fate, two rising stars from different music scenes crossed paths and forged a powerful connection. Great Adamz, an Afro-Pop sensation making waves in Nigeria with chart-topping success and accolades, met Maddox Jones, a critically-acclaimed Pop artist with a number one iTunes album and a dedicated following. Their encounter at the Northampton Music Awards sparked a creative trigger that would lead to a remarkable collaboration.

Chasing Moments – A Fusion of Genres and Songwriting Brilliance
Bonding over their shared love for exceptional songwriting, Great Adamz and Maddox Jones embarked on a musical journey together. The foundation of their collaboration was laid when Maddox brought a captivating chorus to the studio, and Great Adamz was instantly drawn to it’s potential. Inspired by the influences of Afro-Pop, the duo decided to infuse the track with a blend of Alt-Pop guitars and melodies, resulting in a unique and unexpected sound.

The chemistry between Great Adamz and Maddox Jones is evident in the captivating track, “Chasing Moments.” Combining their individual strengths and styles, they crafted a song that defies expectations and showcases their artistic growth. From Maddox‘s infectious Pop sensibility to Great Adamz‘s Afro-Pop flair, the collaboration is a testament to their versatility and willingness to explore new musical territories.

A Promising Collaboration and Boundless Potential
As Great Adamz secures his place in the Nigerian music scene with top chart positions and awards, and Maddox Jones continues to dominate the charts and gain recognition with his critically-acclaimed album, their collaboration on “Chasing Moments” solidifies their status as two talented artists pushing boundaries and making waves.

The unexpected fusion of Afro-Pop and Pop genres, combined with their shared passion for exceptional songwriting, has created a track that resonates with audiences worldwide. Great Adamz and Maddox Jones have proven that collaboration knows no boundaries, and their future endeavors hold the promise of more exciting musical moments to come.

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