“I am traumatized” – Nigerian lady who visited boyfriend at his house finds fetish box inside his wardrobe

Nigerian lady has shared her traumatic experience after finding fetish items in her boyfriend’s house.

In a video posted online, the lady whose name was not revealed, narrated how she found the items in a safe that was on top of her boyfriend’s wardrobe.

She narrated:

“I am traumatized right now, I don’t know what my eyes are seeing here, I don’t know. Today I went to my boyfriend’s house immediately he left I scattered his house, I searched everywhere, his wardrobe, under his bed and I didn’t see anything.

“I decided to arrange his things back when a spirit told me to check his safe that is on top of his wardrobe. Then the spirit said I should break it.”

The lady revealed that she called a furniture guy to make a new box for her after the spirit told her to break the safe. She said that her boyfriend had told her that he kept his money in the box.

“Guys what I saw in the box, I cannot explain. Let me record it, this was what I saw in the box, a scary thing tied with red cloth, my picture folded with my name written in the front and my pant used to tie N1000,” she said.

The video has sparked reactions on social media, with many people advising the lady to leave the relationship.

thefoodnetworknig2 said: “These ritualists are easy to spot but una want to date a man with 3 bedroom flat and benz without any traceable source of income…Sorrows, sorrows, prayers my dear!”

iameniolamyde said: “To all the legit hustlers, may it finally turn green someday.”

sarah.khese reacted: “Aunty drop phone, collect your pant and picture and run. Run to mountain of fire and lodge there and pray until you get a confirmation that the yoke has been broken.
Crying doesn’t change anything.”


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