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A state of emergency on food security is declared by President Tinubu

we will concurrently work on stimulating the export capacity of the Agric sector.”

 He added, “Transportation, storage and export will be improved by working with the Nigerian Customs, who have assured us that the bottlenecks experienced in exporting and importing food items as well as intra-city transportation through tolling will be removed. These are some of the immediate interventions this government will put in place to tackle this crisis.

Principally, one of the major positive outcomes of these interventions will be a massive boost in employment and job creation.”
According to Alake, Tinubu’s mandate to create jobs for the teeming youth population will be achieved with between five to 10 million more jobs created within the value chain.

“In closing, this administration understands that food and water are the bedrock of survival and therefore is calling on all Nigerians to partner us in ensuring the success of this strategic intervention. This administration is working assiduously to ensure that Nigerians do not struggle with their essential needs,” he added.


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