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Blessing CEO Vows to Show Off on Social Media When She Gets Engaged or Married

Blessing Okoro, a well-known and informative relationship counselor from Nigeria, recently shared her thoughts on social media about what she plans to do once she finally becomes engaged or gets married. Acknowledging her current single status, she openly admitted that her own bad character has been the reason behind her unmarried status, leading potential suitors to be deterred.

Looking forward to a change in her relationship status, Blessing CEO expressed her weariness with being single and her desire to rectify her behavior to attract a life partner. She conveyed that once she is engaged or married, she intends to make a big impact on social media. In other words, she plans to share her joy and happiness with her followers, making sure that her engagement or marriage announcement is a moment of celebration and admiration for everyone in her online community.

Feeling disheartened by the numerous marriage anniversary posts she sees online, Blessing CEO expressed her longing to experience the joy of matrimony herself. Her eagerness to turn over a new leaf and abandon her negative traits, such as her “razor blade man” persona, illustrates her determination to find a suitable partner and settle down before the end of the year.

In essence, Blessing Okoro’s candid confession about her single status and the realization of her own shortcomings shines a light on her genuine desire to change for the better. By sharing her intention to embrace a committed relationship on social media, she hopes to inspire others and garner support from her online community. Her dream is to put an end to her single-hood and find the happiness that comes with being engaged or married, thus leaving behind her days of longing while witnessing others’ blissful matrimonial celebrations.


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