Cardi B denies faking cheating scandal with husband Offset to promote latest collaboration

American rapper Cardi B has firmly denied rumors that the recent cheating scandal involving her and her husband, Offset, was a mere publicity stunt to promote their collaborative single, “Jealousy.”

The power couple’s relationship came under intense scrutiny when Offset, the 31-year-old Migos rapper, publicly accused Cardi, 30, of infidelity in a now-deleted social media post.

However, the Grammy-winning artist has come forward to address the issue and assert that the accusations were far from a stunt.

Over the past few days, fans and media outlets alike have questioned the authenticity of the public drama surrounding the couple. Speculations arose due to the timing of the scandal, aligning with the release date and title of their latest single, “Jealousy.”

Some suggested that the entire incident may have been orchestrated to generate buzz and increase interest in their music.

However, Cardi B has taken to social media, particularly Instagram, to set the record straight. Responding to an Instagram comment that labeled the cheating allegations as a stunt, the rapper expressed her frustration.

She wrote;

“It wasn’t no STUNT.”

She further explained that the rumors originated from content creator Tasha K, and while people were entertained by it at the time, they now seem to dismiss the seriousness of the situation since it has been incorporated into their music.

She added;

“Tasha K made some ish up and yall was laughing about it and happy a-s hell about it. Now that we putting it in the music is a stunt … Naaa baby be mad at the one who started trolling wit it.”


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