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President Tinubu’s National Broadcast To Nigerians On Current Economic Challenges

Here is a possible paraphrase of the speech:

My fellow Nigerians,

We are facing a difficult time in our nation’s history, as we struggle with the effects of the global pandemic, insecurity, inflation, unemployment and poverty. These challenges have tested our resilience and our unity as a people.

But we are not alone in this crisis. Many countries around the world are also facing similar or worse situations. We must not lose hope or give up on our dreams of a prosperous and peaceful Nigeria.

We have the potential to overcome these difficulties and emerge stronger and better. We have the resources, the talent, the creativity and the spirit to transform our country and create opportunities for all.

But we cannot do it alone. We need the cooperation and support of every citizen, every sector, every region and every level of government. We need to work together as one nation, with a common vision and a common purpose.

That is why I am calling on all Nigerians to join me in a national dialogue, where we can discuss our problems and find solutions that are acceptable, fair and beneficial to everyone. This dialogue will be inclusive, participatory and transparent. It will involve representatives from all walks of life, from all regions and from all political parties.

The aim of this dialogue is not to impose my views or agenda on anyone, but to listen to your views and concerns, and to seek a consensus on how to move our country forward. I believe that through dialogue, we can find common ground and build trust and confidence among ourselves.

I also believe that through dialogue, we can address some of the root causes of our problems, such as corruption, injustice, inequality and marginalization. We can also identify and implement policies and programs that will stimulate economic growth, create jobs, reduce poverty, improve security and enhance social welfare.

I know that some of you may be skeptical or cynical about this dialogue. You may wonder if it will make any difference or if it will be another exercise in futility. I understand your doubts and frustrations. But I urge you to give this dialogue a chance. It may not be perfect or flawless, but it is better than violence or anarchy. It is better than division or disintegration. It is better than despair or apathy.

I also know that some of you may have grievances or demands that you want to express or pursue. You have the right to do so peacefully and democratically. But I appeal to you to do so with restraint and responsibility. Do not resort to violence or vandalism. Do not endanger lives or property. Do not disrupt public order or peace. Do not undermine our national interest or sovereignty.

We are all Nigerians. We are all brothers and sisters. We are all stakeholders in this country. We all have a stake in its success or failure. We all have a duty to protect and preserve it for ourselves and for future generations.

Let us therefore come together in a spirit of patriotism and solidarity. Let us dialogue with respect and tolerance. Let us find solutions with wisdom and compassion. Let us build a new Nigeria with courage and determination.

God bless you all.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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