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Deby Oscar raises alarm as her sister’s abusive ex-husband prepares to marry for 3rd time

Popular actress, Deby Oscar has taken to social media to concern when she discovered that her sister’s abusive ex-husband is ready to marry another woman for the third time.Deby Oscar uploaded a picture of the accused abuser and his future wife taken before their wedding and expressed her hope that he wouldn’t treat his new bride the same way that he had treated her sister.

She said that she had made the decision to notify the new lady about the impending marriage in order to warn her about the kind of man he is.

The actress pleaded with members of the public who might be acquainted with the woman to urge her not to go through with the marriage.

According to her, if the first wife has summoned courage to warn her sister, she wouldn’t have been a victim of domestic violence.

She wrote:

“I’m the woman that will speak ohh. I will talk!

We let abusive men get away with it and someone else’s child will suffer it!

Because if the first wife had summoned the courage to warn my sister and make her presence known she would NEVER have married him.

Since the men are not doing it. It’s our duty to warn our fellow women. Let them make an informed choice.

A lot of times (like my sisters case) they fill your head with lies and and by the time you find out the truth you feel stuck!

Please as I said if you know her, let her be aware. Once can be a mistake. But twice??”

See her posts below:


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