“I love to make them cry” – Mercy Eke makes shocking confession in the diary room, warns fellow housemates

Mercy Eke, a participant in the BBNaija season 8 All-Star Edition show who recently assumed the role of HOH (Head of House) for the current week, has taken a jab at her fellow housemates while also delivering a stern warning.

During her diary session with Big Brother, the BBNaija season 8 housemate disclosed that she had initially teamed up with Soma, another housemate, with the intention of helping him achieve victory in the HOH game.

Recalling the previous HOH game in the Big Brother house, it was revealed that Soma had collaborated with Neo, Pere, and a few others in an attempt to outperform their fellow housemates and secure the title of HOH.

His plan, however, fell through when he was defeated by Mercy Eke in the game arena.

Mercy Eke, speaking to Big Brother, shared that she had initially planned to support Soma in becoming the HOH, as that was his aspiration.

However, she shifted her strategy midway after discovering that Soma was sabotaging her chances by pouring sand into her box, hoping she would be disqualified.

Frustrated by this revelation, Mercy Eke admitted to taking action by filling Soma’s box so he would be disqualified.

This decision had an emotional impact on Soma, leading to tears welling up in his eyes.

In her conversation with Big Brother, Mercy Eke went on to reveal that she derived satisfaction from making her fellow housemates shed tears, aiming to instill fear in them.

Her statement reads in part: “When I faced Soma at the Hoh games, I could literally see his tears, I love to make them cry, so they can be more careful with me.”


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