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Speed Darlington calls out lady following failure to visit despite sending her N2800 transport money 

Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington drags lady as he recounts how he allegedly sent her 2800 naira as transport money to come to his place only for her to refuse.The controversial media personality took to his social media page to draw the attention of netizens to the lady who was trying to play him a fast one.

Speed Darlington shared a photo of the said lady, her full name Blessing Victoria Nwachuckwu, and other details online while dragging the lady.

He said that their agreement was for her to show up to his place on the arranged day to sleep with him, but it’s been past 24 hours and she hasn’t showed up.

The rapper also attached a screenshot of the receipt of the money he had supposedly sent the Blessing and added that the money has moved to 3,000 from 2,800 because she had disappointed him.


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