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Nkechi Blessing blows hot as VeryDarkman accuses her of doing advert for skincare brand that doesn’t have NAFDAC number

Popular actress, Nkechi Blessing seethes with rage as she drags a content creator who called her out for using filter while advertising a skincare brand that doesn’t have a NAFDAC number.

Under Nkechi Blessing’s post where she advertised a particular skincare brand, an IG user had notified her that VeryDarkMan, who had been key in raising awareness over a similar brand who didn’t have NAFDAC number, would be coming for her.

She had dared VeryDarkMan and even blasted the IG user.

VeryDarkMan said that the IG user sent him screenshot of the actress’ comment and this spurred him to commence his investigation about the product that she advertised.

His findings showed that the brand allegedly didn’t have a NAFDAC number and this same brand makes skincare products for even kids.

Following this, Nkechi Blessing made a live video blasting VeryDarkMan over his investigations and warned him not to mess with her.

She refuted the claims that the products are not NAFDAC approved as she showed off the NAFDAC number on one of its product.


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