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Ever Since I Did BBL, I’ve Had So Many People Talk to Me Because Of My Backside -Blessing CEO

Relationship therapist and expert, Okoro Blessing Nkiruka, popularly known as Blessing CEO, has disclosed that so many people who didn’t talk to her before started talking to her ever since she underwent cosmetic surgery to enhance her backside.

She made this known in an interview after she was asked if body enhancement gives one an advantage in relationships or elevates their status. However, Blessing CEO explained that it’s best to possess not just the body, but the brain as well.

Ever since I’ve done this BBL, I’ve had so many people who didn’t want to talk to me before get to talk to me, so many people who would never ask me out. That’s why I keep telling you to have the backside and have brain,” Blessing CEO said.

The relationship therapist added that a lady’s body initially attracts people, but when they eventually realize that the lady has more to offer, this is when the beauty and brain comes in.

Blessing CEO further used Nigerian record holder for the longest cooking hours, Hilda Baci to make her point, as she stated that what made people love the chef initially was her body and not the food, but when Nigerians saw her hard work and efforts, they came out with their support in full force.


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