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“This is why I’m supporting Moyo Lawal” – Uche Ogbodo says after reports surrounding Mohbad’s death surfaced.

Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo is offering colleague Moyo Lawal sympathy whose tape was released a few days ago, following the passing of Nigerian artist Mohbad,
According to certain accounts, Mohbad passed away from hypertension rather than an ear infection as was initially stated.

His friend and comrade Bella Shmurda had claimed in a recently resurfaced interview with Chude Jideonwo that the musician has hypertension.

Uche Ogbodo responded to the news by emphasizing how, despite being forced into it, she is offering Moyo Lawal love and support to keep her out of a harmful situation.

She posted a picture Moyo Lawal, to encourage her who in her own words is going through a difficult moment in her life and career as a result of her leaked sex tape,

Uche wondered whether it would take her death for people to realize that the trouble wasn’t worth it.

According to her, Moyo Lawal is going through a traumatic time in her life and career, hence, why she posted her photo on her page to show support to her.

Uche queried if it was until her death, that people would realize that it wasn’t worth the hassle.

“The same reason I posted my Girl @moyolawalofficial who is going through a traumatic time in her life and career! And so many of you want to use insults to finish me. Just for supporting someone who is still Alive. Is it when Something happens to her before you people will realize it isn’t worth the Hassle? Love people while they are still here. RIP Mohbad”.

Contrary to reports that Mohbad died of ear infection, it has been reported that the singer died of hypertension.

His friend and colleague, Bella Shmurda had confirmed this in a resurfaced interview with Chude Jideonwo, where he revealed that the singer is hypertensive.


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