“The culprits are their partners in crime” – Sowore calls out police over Mohbad’s death investigations

Human Rights activist, Sowore Omoyele has asked Nigerians hoping to get justice for Mohbad not to believe the assurance of the police.After several calls from Nigerians seeking justice for Mohbad’s death, the police released a statement acknowledging the concerns surrounding the untimely demise and the various speculations about the artist.

The police further assured Nigerians that the police service would “diligently investigate” the issue leading to the death of Mohbad while expressing their condolences to the family, loved ones, and fans.

However, it may seem as though Human Rights activist Sowore Omoyele is not convinced about the assurance from the police as he asked Nigerians not to believe the investigations of the police.

“If anyone believes that @PoliceNG will carry out any investigation talk less of “diligent” investigation on this matter when the culprits are their minions and partners in crime, then I am sorry for you. You should go and ask the family of the late Attorney General, Bola Ige, they will tell you what the Nigerian police meant by “diligent investigation”.


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