“Father of all nations” – Phyna shades Davido

The media fracas involving BBNaija’s Phyna and Davido have taken another intriguing turn as she throws a hot jab at the crooner.

The media brouhaha ensued after Davido liked a tweet that was indirectly shading Phyna.

Understandably, this left Phyna feeling hurt and confused about the nature of their conflict. In an attempt to mend the situation, Phyna reached out to Davido, asking what she did to him. In her tweet, she went on to congratulate the singer on the birth of his twins.

However, Davido’s response added fuel to the fire. He claimed not to know Phyna, a statement that set the internet ablaze.

In the latest twist of this unfolding drama, Phyna decided to take a direct jab at Davido by describing him as a ‘father of all nations’.

In a now-deleted tweet, she also sent a strong message to fans of Davido trolling her, to the extent of sending her death threats.

In her words:

“30bg or wetin them dy call Una fuck off my dm and face your father of all nation, I don’t need your fave to know me, I nor dy waka kurukere waka so I don’t expect him to know me Y’all should run along now, ndi general market.

Wetin result to dms of death threats, e belike Una wan jons today

Wa zaga.”

See tweet below:


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