“Mohbad caught his wife with a calabash and a ring” – Close friend, Micee spills how singer’s wife used jazz on him

Micee, a close friend of the late musician Mohbad, has accused the wife of the musician of using ‘jazz‘ on her husband before his demise.

Micee made this revelation during an in-depth interview where he spilled into details the ordeal involving the hitmaker and his wife, Omawunmi.

He explained how Wunmi’s realisation that Micee actually cared about Mohbad’s well-being was a major factor in their friendship breaking down.

Micee revealed that he observed a significant shift in Mohbad’s conduct and general health following his release from the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency.

Micee decided to take matters into his own hands and get his friend the medical care he needed, making multiple hospital visits to assist Mohbad in getting well. He also gave them a copy of the medical report that was given to them at this time.

He continued by saying that Mohbad had once caught his wife red-handed using a fetish ring and calabash.

Micee described how Mohbad was always by his side, even in trying circumstances, and how he was a loyal supporter and assistant to him.

He related a terrifying story of how Micee bravely intervened to save his friend Mohbad when he was on the verge of suicide.

Micee said he would be willing to divulge further information if Mohbad’s wife pressured him.


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