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Nollywood Actress Kehinde Adeyoju Set To Release New Movie “IYA IJEBU”

Kehinde Adeyoju, renowned in the Nollywood sphere as Iyawo Osun, has been an integral part of the film industry since her initiation in 2008, guided by the experienced Adebayo Tijani. Throughout her prolific career, she has not only graced the screen but also showcased her versatility in script writing and producing notable films like “Awe Obi,” “Iyawo Osun,” “Temilola,” “Osunwande,” “Emigigun,” “Osunlawe,” “Mr and Mrs Promax, Mr and Mrs Wahala Promax series ” and the acclaimed “Wahala Promax Series.”

Now, poised for yet another milestone, Kehinde Adeyoju is on the brink of breaking box office records with her upcoming cinematic venture, “IYA IJEBU.”

This eagerly anticipated film, scheduled for release in December 2023, is under the skilled direction of the accomplished Wale Rasaq.

The stellar cast includes esteemed actors such as Ronke Odusanya, Olaiya Igwe, Apa, and the incomparable Ijebu himself, promising an enthralling cinematic experience.

However, Kehinde Adeyoju’s ambitions don’t stop at the national box office. In an exclusive revelation to our media team, she unveiled her participation in a groundbreaking NETFLIX project slated for 2024 by Gods Grace.

The anticipation for this endeavor is heightened by the promise of a storyline that is nothing short of breathtaking.

As Kehinde Adeyoju embarks on these exciting ventures, we extend our heartfelt wishes for success in all her endeavors. Here’s to a stellar journey in the world of cinema for Kehinde Adeyoju!


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