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MIXTAPE: DjayXero – Log Addict Mix

DjayXero - Log Addict Mix
DjayXero – Log Addict Mix

DjayXero is a mysterious and captivating DJ and Music Producer also known as the “Sound Ninja.” His musical journey started in Anambra State, Born in a family deeply rooted in music, he was destined for a life filled with rhythm and melody. What sets him apart is his background and his unique mask—a mask with his special “DX” logo on the forehead. This mask became his signature, adding an air of mystery to his performances. DjayXero’s music has taken him to stages worldwide, from the cityscape of Dubai to the USA, the shores of Seychelles, across Europe, Asia and America. His sets blend various genres, including Afrobeats, House, EDM beats, and Hip-Hop. Born under the Pisces zodiac sign, DjayXero infuses deep emotions and soul into his music, creating tracks that resonate with the human experience. DjayXero’s rise to fame wasn’t a solo venture—he has collaborated with notable artists like @Ruger, Rema, Travis Scott, Lil Baby, Rubi Rose, Blaqbonez, and more. The pinnacle of DjayXero’s career came with his debut track, “Do Better,” showcasing his ability to turn heartbreak into something beautiful and relatable. Tracks like “Tongah,” a collaboration with South African DJ, @visca and @davemiles from Nigeria, became international anthems, illustrating DjayXero’s talent in bridging cultural gaps through music.

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