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Sheriff Braimah Discusses The New UK Graduate Route Law With Spencer On Unilag FM

On December 4 2023, Home Secretary James Cleverly announced that, in a bid to prevent abuse and protect the integrity and quality of the UK’s outstanding higher education sector, the Migration Advisory Committee has been asked to review the Graduate Route.During the Dream City program with Spencer on Unilag FM, Redefined Consults Limited Founder, Sheriff Braimah (Mister Redefined) was brought on the program to speak about the recent law and share tips with people looking forward to the Graduate Route.Sheriff started by highlighting one of the reasons people get defrauded when it comes to the process of migration.”I’ve observed a significant desire for migration, yet many encounter challenges due to trust issues. Numerous individuals have fallen prey to scams and deceitful migration agents. I’ve committed myself to authentically aiding people in realizing their migration aspirations.”In an investigative exposé by Sky News, a rising number of Nigerians are stranded in the UK as victims of visa scams. In contrast, a substantial number were denied visas in recent years.Also, in more recent news, the UK government has made a policy that will prevent immigrants from bringing people as dependents with them when moving to the UK for studies and some other jobs. There have been questions and opinions on how this will affect the immigrants as well as the UK educational sector.Sheriff Braimah clarified one of the misconceptions stating that immigrants can still bring dependents but that exception is just for those undergoing a PhD program. He also mentioned that this law has caused a decline in the number of people moving to the UK with people looking to other countries.Commenting on how the law has affected universities in the UK so far, Sheriff Braimah explained that it is not just about the school but also the UK government putting control measures in place for the number of people that enter the country.Over the years, arguments have been on the true purpose of the clampdown on immigrants on the study route from countries like the US and the UK. According to a report in the Financial Times, one of the reasons for this recent UK law could be that the UK’s system of post-study work visas was believed to be fuelling low-wage migration rather than drawing global talents into high-skilled industries.Sheriff Braimah explained further why people find it difficult to get their dream job after studying, urging people to take professional courses that position them better after their study in the UK.“For you to get the dream job you want, you have to develop yourself. You have to take some professional courses. It’s not just about your certificate but what you can do. People are too comfortable with what they do, and they are just earning but not developing themselves.”While some have started considering other countries in Europe like Austria, Malta, Czech Republic, etc., there are others who still hope that the UK will track back on the stringent laws put in place to control immigration. Regardless, it is important to stay informed and updated on news relating to immigration.


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