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Slymgee teases next record producer essentials mixtape with Jae5

In recent times, we have had disc jockeys mix together music of different artists, maybe to showcase a compilation of the great songs currently in waves or to just get the best songs from different artists into one mixtape. Also, it has been about compiling songs from same or different artists to create a body of work that showcases the disc jockeys prowess at his profession.

However, things are beginning to take a new turn with the Slymgee. Having graduated from the DJ consequence academy, Slymgee is ready to take the world by storm. Notably, the most unique attribute of his art is how he is dedicated to not only advancing the influence of a disc jockey, but he is also focused on highlighting impeccable records made by music producers by shifting the gaze of mixtapes from the artist to the producers.

With the release of his P.Priime essential mixtape in the early days of February – a mixtape which contained a total of 18 songs fused together perfectly for a 30 minutes span – Slymgee has shown he has all it takes to highlight the extraordinary works producers put in behind the boards while creating great music with the artists they work with by carefully selecting songs that highlights the producer’s best performance. This is indeed a reset in the norm.

Reports circling around that he is gearing up for a release of a Jae5 essential mixtape – a producer regarded as one of the pioneers of Afro swing and a known associate of famous UK group, NSG and renowned rapper, J Hus – Slymgee intends to take a bigger step to increase the popularity of his artistic direction and bring more people into his creative world plus create an eye openers on the Jae5’s richly stacked catalogue.


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