Venture Garden Group is taking on the African crypto space. The company’s primary aim is to simplify the payment processing options open to African businesses and it was only a while before the CEO, Mr. Bunmi Akinyemiju, alongside his partner, Olufemi Olukunmi Demuren, would turn his attention toward blockchain technology across African Countries. The two FinTech tycoons are also major investment partners and shareholders in RemX Capital Ltd, which was created by Eghosasere Nehikhare

Venture Garden Group has successfully navigated through the maze of regulatory hurdles in its path and is set to delve into blockchain technology. Mr. Akinyemiju, in a recent chat, stated that Bitcoin is just an aspect of crypto, a part of the blockchain as he surmised, upon further probing, that Venture Garden Group was going to focus on blockchain as it engendered trust in sourced data.

“The blockchain technology will create more trust in our payment process and trust is the very foundation of the Venture Garden Group”.

The Kenyan government has shown interest in discovering ways the economy can benefit from blockchain technology in the next 25 years,  and the activities of Venture Garden Group may be a nudge in the right direction.

Blockchain technology can radically transform the Kenyan and even Nigerian power sector in as little as 6 years if given the right backing from politicians. A sector that could be suspected to consume up to $221m otherwise. It can also leverage blockchain and crypto for carrying out international remittances.

Technology experts have highlighted that there is much to enjoy from a partnership between a powerful company like Venture Garden Group and the Kenyan government. A possible partnership is exciting news to technology enthusiasts as it will have a huge impact on the Kenyan economy. It is the kind of exciting news we want out of Africa.


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