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Nigeria’s MaskQueen DJ Bella Prepares for Historic Guinness World Record Marathon Concert

Nigeria’s MaskQueen DJ Bella Prepares for Historic Guinness World Record Marathon Concert

Nigeria is on the verge of making history yet again with its first-ever marathon concert and Guinness World Record attempt for the longest live-streamed concert by a DJ. From March 22nd to April 2nd, 2024, audiences worldwide will be treated to an unprecedented 250-hour live concert marathon by none other than the talented MaskQueen DJ Bella. The event, scheduled to commence at noon on March 22nd, promises electrifying performances by MaskQueen DJ Bella, a seasoned Disc Jockey with over 15 years of experience. Born Anuoluwapo Sanni from Lagos State, Nigeria, MaskQueen DJ Bella aims not only to entertain but also to shatter barriers as she strives to set a new Guinness World Record. “This Guinness World Record attempt is a testament to the incredible talent and resilience of Nigerian DJs,” remarked the MaskQueen. “I am honored to lead this groundbreaking event and to showcase Nigeria’s rich musical culture on a global stage. This isn’t just a concert; it’s a celebration of music, culture, and the power of determination.”  “Overcoming the challenges faced as a female DJ throughout the years has been no easy feat. As someone who has actively supported aspiring female DJs, this milestone is not just for me but for all women in the industry, proving that anything is achievable with dedication and passion.” Echoing her sentiments, her manager, Emmanuel Eseigbe, emphasized the significance of the concert for Nigeria’s music industry. “MaskQueen DJ Bella’s record-breaking attempt embodies the creativity and ingenuity that defines Nigerian music. It’s a momentous occasion, and we are thrilled to showcase her talent to the world.” The marathon concert will unfold at the Festival Conference Hotel in Festac Town, Lagos, providing an energetic backdrop for 11 days of non-stop music. For those unable to attend in person, the event will be streamed live on YouTube, Instagram, Clubhouse, and TikTok, ensuring that music enthusiasts worldwide can partake in the excitement.  “This event is about pushing boundaries and challenging conventions,” said MaskQueen DJ Bella. “I am exhilarated to lead this historic moment and grateful for the support we have received thus far as we seek sponsorship.” The current Guinness World Record for the longest live-streamed concert stands at 181 hours. MaskQueen DJ Bella’s ambitious attempt will span approximately 11 days, setting a new benchmark for endurance and musical prowess. Despite the challenges of self-sponsorship, DJ Bella remains resolute in her pursuit of greatness. “We have dedicated ourselves to turning this dream into reality, and we are determined to succeed,” affirmed DJ Bella. “I invite everyone to join us on this extraordinary journey and witness history in the making.”  Media Contact:ManagementSupport@emyx3d.com+2349165825643Instagram: @Emyx3DLet the countdown to Nigeria’s concert extravaganza commence!


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